About us

Founded in the early 1950s as a small dairy north of Hamburg, our business was taken over by Axel Brinkhaus in the mid-1990s. Originally designed for the production of processed cheese, Axel Brinkhaus began to develop a certified organic vegan alternative to cheese in 2012 - Veggi Filata. He received support from Danielle and Cedric Brinkhaus. At the turn of the year 2013/2014, deliveries were then made to our first customers in the vegan segment. After a short time, another decision was made, all products manufactured in the Memellandweg should be of plant origin. So gradually the conversion took place and since January 2020, only plant-based, certified organic alternatives to cheese are produced. In order to make the recipe and the taste of Bio Veggi Filata as natural as possible, the next important step has now been taken: away from flavorings to ripening cultures.

100% Organic 100% Vegan.